50 pcs/pack+Holder Transparent Face Mask, Eye protector Hair Face Cover

50 pcs/pack Transparent Face Mask, Eye protector Hair Face Cover
Professional hair cutting use for eyes and face protecting.
protecting eyes,in case hair drop into eyes and not effect browsing phone during haircutting.
Trim your own bangs,children hair cutting and hot hair coloring necessary.
Suitable for both home and salon use.

Professional salon hair salon bangs transparent baffle block face eye shield transparent mask
Prevent cut hair stuck to the face, falling into the eyes
Allows customers to get a haircut while watching the phone or TV, etc
HD transparent no odor, adhesive paste easy to use

Product name: Hair Face Cover
Size: Approx. 18.5cm*9.5cm

Using Tips: It can be used after tearing out the outer layer of plastic, directly attached to the edge of the shelf
1 x 50 pcs/pack Transparent Face Mask